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ASKoption – another binary options scheme facilitated by Payobin’s payment network

Last updated on July 8, 2019

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The Israeli Payotech Ltd, which operated the payment platform Payobin, always claims that it was not involved in the business with illegal binary options brokers. But nothing could be more false, no statement could be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, FinTelegram has dozens of documents sourced from different broker scams, to establish the hypothesis that Payotech willfully and knowingly accepted these scams as so-called merchants and happily provided their payment services. For example, Peakmedia Group Ltd and its ASKoption scheme. Or the huge global ICoption scheme of Guy Galboiz was part of the Payotech payment network. As was the notorious 23Traders and many more. FinTelegram covered many of them and will continue to do so.

No fairytales please

Any representation that Payotech with Eyal Nachum, Tamir Zoltovski and their frontman Oded Jeremitsky would not have been involved in these broker scams and did not facilitate them with their services is simply a fairytale. Payotech has abused services of other companies such as Umbrella Onlinetech in the U.S. to process payment transactions for its many fraudulent merchants on a global a scale across many regulatory regimes and jurisdictions. Victims of those schemes as well as authorities should be aware of the big picture.

Fintelegram is also aware that Payotech was a client of MPM Capital Investments from whom they obtained services of foreign exchange for themselves and their merchants. This relationship was investigated by the Authorities which confirmed that no wrongdoing took place by the company offering foreign exchange services.

Payotech witth Eyal Nachum and Tamir Zoltovski
The Payotech Ltd certificates

Some ASKoption forensic

The beneficial owners and persons behind the ASKoption scheme were the Russian Oksana Prokopeva and the South African Christo Mathys Britz. The two were, however, rather minor actors in the big game of binary options scams. This statement is in no way intended to reduce their guilt, but only to establish proportionality.

Using the ASKoption as an example, it is possible – once again – to trace the process of payment transactions forensically and follow the money. The registered clients of broker scams deposited their money via the payment service providers involved. Payotech (Payobin) has been providing payment services to its Merchant Peakmedia Group and its platform

ASKmedia and Payobin money flow

In the case of ASKoption clients, for example, clients ware asked to wire their deposits to the account of Autumn Leaf International Ltd (Bahamas) held with the Polish bank Polskiej Spóldzielczosci S.A.

ASKoption payment confirmation to Autumn Leaf International
Payment of an ASKoption victim to Autumn Leaf International

Payotech distributed the incoming funds to the participating boiler rooms and ultimately to the operator of ASKoptionPeakmedia Group Ltd The company was registered with ASKoption as a merchant. It’s parent company BP Media Group Ltd, registered on the Marshall Islands, held a bank account with Ceska Sporitelna (Erste Group) in the Czech Republic.

Payobin involvement

Were Eyal Nachum and his Payobin involved in the ASKoption schema? Of course, they were! Can we back this assertion with facts? Of course, we can and will. Below, for example, in Payobin Email, which highlights the merchant Peakmedia Group. We also have such emails for other scams like ICoption with Guy Galboiz. The knowing and willful involvement of Payotech in these scams is a fact supported by abundant evidence.

ASKoption and ICoption communication with Payobin and Guy Galboiz and Eyal Nachum
Email communication proving deep Payobin involvement in scams

The email communication presented in extracts above also shows that those people were aware of the explosive nature of what they were doing and the potential problems it posed.


After studying many Broker Scams over the last months it can be said with certainty that the operators of the individual broker scams are not the sole perpetrators. On the contrary, behind the individual scam schemes, the grounds for the industrial scam production were provided by

  • payment service providers such as Payotech (Payobin) or MoneyNetInt,
  • boiler room operator such as MigFin or Market Giants
  • and white-label solution providers like SpotOptions, PandaTS or Tradologic

Employees, partners, and the media were regularly threatened by Payotech and its lawyers with libel, defamation and damages claims if they disclosed the internal circumstances. Of the many millions that have been acquired via their merchants from retail investors, one can afford expensive lawyers. At the expense of those same retail investors.

We have proven in previous reports that Payotech had numerous merchant agreements with Scam Brokers. We proved that the Payobin people coordinated the scam broker payment processing with the Boiler Rooms involved. We have proven that Payobin used other companies to receive and launder payments. Do we need more evidence that payment service providers like Payobin, MoneyNetInt, UPayCard and others were and are a driving force behind this giant broker fraud? We don’t think! We’d like to prove that in court.

to be continued

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