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After Bruc Bonce license revocation in Lithuania the group continues to operate regulated businesses

Almost two weeks ago, the Bank of Lithuania (BL) took a sensational step in revoking the license of Bruc Bond UAB. The reason for this was that the BL, after intensive examination, found serious and systematic violations of the regulatory provisions. The supervisory authority also stated that the Bruc Bond had filed false information. On the Bruc Bond website, the public was informed about the revocation of the license. The decision would have been surprising and would not be understood, the statement said.

About FinTech Cowboys – Payvision and Bruc Bond and their Wild West Businesses

The Dutch Payvision and the Israeli-Lithuanian Bruc Bond (formerly Moneta International) have in common that they were intensively involved in the fraudulent binary options as payment processors. Let us make no mistake here and therefore make clear that neither of them were scammers or fraudsters themselves. But both have provided services to operators of fraudulent binary options and broker scams and thus facilitated those schemes for their own financial benefit. There have been consequences for both companies in recent days which may or may not be related to their binary options legacy.

Bruc Bond and ZP Advocates – or how perpetrators work to intimidate FinTelegram and its partners

FinTelegram has been successfully exposing scams for almost two years now and also shows which payment service providers and lawyers have participated in these scams (in whatever role). Therefore FinTelegram is hated by the scams and their lawyers and partners. We understand that. This also applies to Eyal Nachum and Tamir Zoltovski and their various companies from Payotech Ltd (disappeared) to Moneta International ((renamed) to SeeddPay on Marshall Islands or Hermes Solution DOO in Montenegro. FinTelegram was not founded to receive the love of scammers. FinTelegram was founded to stop scammers.

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