Bruc Bond and ZP Advocates – or how perpetrators work to intimidate FinTelegram and its partners

Spread financial intelligence

FinTelegram has been successfully exposing scams for almost two years now and also shows which payment service providers and lawyers have participated in these scams (in whatever role). Therefore FinTelegram is hated by the scams and their lawyers and partners. We understand that. This also applies to Eyal Nachum and Tamir Zoltovski and their various companies from Payotech Ltd (disappeared) to Moneta International ((renamed) to SeeddPay on Marshall Islands or Hermes Solution DOO in Montenegro. FinTelegram was not founded to receive the love of scammers. FinTelegram was founded to stop scammers.

The Witch Hunt

Eyal Nachum, Tamir Zoltovski and their lawyers ZP Zioni Pillersdorf Phillip (“ZP Advocates“) are after FinTelegram because of the completely correct fact-based reports. ZP Advocates constantly send threats of million-dollar lawsuits to FinTelegram and its partners in case FinTelegram does not delete the (correct) reports.

Sorry, no enforceable judgment

ZP Advocates tries to sue FinTelegram in Tel Aviv, Israel on behalf of its clients Eyal Nachum and Tamir Zoltovski and their companies. So far unsuccessfully. Irrespective of whether Tel Aviv is (or is not) the right place to hold classes, the judges in Tel Aviv have repeatedly rejected ZP Advocates‘ claims.

Most recently, ZP Advocates successfully obtained the dismissal of a judge in Tel Aviv because this judge had not decided as desired by their clients Eyal Nachum and Tamir Zoltovski and their companies. The newly appointed honourable judge has again decided that FinTelegram will be heard before any judgement is made.

False and defamatory claims of ZP Advocates

So far there has been no legally effective judgment against FinTelegram, but this does not prevent ZP Advocates from sending threatening letters to the partners of FinTelegram titled “Enforcement of a Judgement.” That’s a straight lie. Full stop!

As a matter of fact, there is no final judgment and ZP Advocates knows this very well. Currently, there is no judgment in the matter subject at all. Yes, there is a lawsuit that has to be dealt with accordingly. Nevertheless, ZP Advocates claims to have an enforceable judgment to partners of FinTelegram pressing them to put FinTelegram offline. This in itself is a crime and causes huge damages to FinTelegram, its people, and the victims of the many scams that have been facilitated by clients of ZP Advocates.

to be continued

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