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DDoS attacks on FinTelegram and ScamGrinder sites
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The FinTelegram News sites as well as the newly established ScamGrinder pages have been under heavy DDoS attacks for more than two weeks. Once again. And most likely we will be under DDoS attack as long as we breathe. This is the price of fighting cybercrime and scammers. These criminals have the financial means and the contacts to organize the Dark Web against FinTelegram News.

Since the inception of the FinTelegram News at the beginning of 2018, we have recorded almost a dozen DDoS attacks. Each of them is fierce with hundreds of millions of bad requests that paralyze our sites and servers. Therefore, we have changed our structure regarding hosters, servers, domains, and websites over time. We evolved and adjusted. The focus of our defense strategy is the accessibility of the content of the pages. For this purpose, we mirror the content across different domains and websites across many servers with hosters in North America and Europe. Sometimes we change the domains and servers several times a day. Attentive readers will have noticed this.

In addition, we redirect the DDoS streams again and again to the Cybercrime Division of the US FBI. Some visitors will have noticed this as well.

We apologize for any inconvenience and ask for your understanding. The DDoS attacks are caused by the very nature of our mission – the fight against cybercrime and scammers. It doesn’t stop with DDoS, however. We are also repeatedly confronted with threats of violence and lawsuits. This is also part of our business.

The reports of FinTelegram News have ensured that suspected scammers such as Gal Barak or Uwe Lenhoff have been arrested. More than two dozen suspects are being investigated on the basis of FinTelegram information. We are making this information available to the authorities. In addition, our reports have led to the withdrawal of e-money licenses in the EU for companies such as Bruc Bond UAB (formerly Moneta International UAB) of the Israeli Eyal Nachum and Tamir Zoltovski. We also made a small contribution to the collapse of Wirecard. Thanks to information from whistleblowers and loyal informants.

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