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FinTelegram Attack – Brüc+Bond and law firm ZP Zioni Pillersdorf Phillip sent convicted thugs to FinTelegram News people!

Our FinTelegram lawyers received a copy of the criminal files regarding the regulated Lithuanian FinTech Moneta International UAB (now Bruc Bond UAB). FinTelegram filed a criminal complaint against them already in August 2019 for threatening and intimidating actions. It took law enforcement several months to get hold of Austrian people involved in their actions.

Former binary options payment company Bruc Bund arrives in Singapore to conquer the Asian markets

The good news: the era of fraudulent binary options is over. At least the ongoing defrauding of retail investors. At the moment, the sequel is being performed by prosecutors and regulators before the courts in jurisdictions across the world. The sad fact is that the binary options scams have been used to steal tens of billions of retail investors worldwide, according to U.S. FBI estimates. Many perpetrators, their companies and facilitators got rich especially in the years of the binary options hype between 2014 and 2017. Most of the involved payment services providers have successfully evolved into new fields and eagerly try to cut the ties with their binary options legacy. One of them is Israeli-Lithuanian Bruc Bond known as Moneta International in the binary options era.

Europol investigations – International Fintech involved in Stoxmarket broker scam

The authorities in some European countries have been investigating for months in the matter of binary options scams from KontoFX and related scams such as KayaFX and StoxMarket. FinTelegram has received confirmation that the investigations will also be coordinated via Europol. The European Funds Recovery Initiative (EFRI) co-founded by FinTelegram has also been collecting reports from victims of these scams for months. EFRI regularly sends reports to the competent authorities.

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