Open Letter – Dear ZP Advocates, Dear Shaul Zioni, Dear Eli Pillersdorf, Dear Ohad Phillip

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On behalf of their Israeli clients Eyal Nachum and Tamir Zoltovski, the Israeli law firms ZP Advocates of Shaul Zioni, Edi Pillersdorf and Ohad Phillip send defamatory letters to various addressees. To Amazon, Google, or IONOS and other companies. These letters claim that FinTelegram would slander and defame their clients. The slander and defamation would consist in FinTelegram using facts and notarized documents to prove that the companies of Eyal Nachum and Tamir ZoltovskiPayotech Ltd, Moneta International UAB (now Bruc Bond UAB) or Hermes Solution Podgorica DOO – were involved as payment service providers in numerous broker and binary options scams.

Enforcement Agencies, Authorities, and Lawyers

We have made these facts available to the addressees of these ZP Advocates’ letters. As well as the authorities and lawyers in various jurisdictions. The facts are undisputed and therefore no defamation. We have also offered Eyal Nachum directly to make a statement on the concrete facts. There was no statement. Only threats!

Nevertheless, ZP Advocates continues to write letters defaming FinTelegram and its editor Werner Boehm. One letter, for example, went to the Italian hosting company Easyserver SRL (see screenshot above). As a matter of fact, FinTelegram never had or has any contractual or service relationship with this company.

In fact, this Italian company was (and is) not known to us at all. Nevertheless, the letter from ZP Advocates claims that a contractual relationship would exist. And it is also claimed that FinTelegram had previously hosted its websites at CloudFlare, IONOS or Automattic. But they would h”expelled” FinTelegram. That’s not true either. Far from that! FinTelegram is still a customer of CloudFlare, IONOS, and Automattic.

Blackmailing FinTelegram

The slander by ZP Advocates is not enough. Through an Israeli lawyer who is a partner of ours, we have received massive threats from Shaul Zioni. FinTelegram should stop reporting immediately. Otherwise his very rich clients – Eyal Nachum and Tamir Zoltovski – would start worldwide persecution.

These threats were so intense that the lawyer called them “gangster methods” and FinTelegram sent a protocol. With the hint that this could possibly be dangerous for FinTelegram and his people. This is not the way lawyers are allowed to act, the Israeli lawyer said. That might already be blackmail.

ZP Advocates sends rackets to FinTelegram. On behalf of the Israeli law firm, the people of FinTelegram were intimidated by 5 hired people. You can read the report here on FinTelegram.

Calling FinTelegram anti-semitec

ZP Advocates also defames the FinTelegram and its people as “anti-semites” because of the reference to the Israeli citizenship of their clients and many other scammers convicted already by the courts or prosecuted.

As a matter of fact, it was the Israeli journalist Simona Weinglass of the Times of Israel who called out the vast fraudulent binary options industry in 2016 already. That’s not anti-semitic, is it? It’s called investigative journalism. Fact-based! Calling our scammers and their co-conspirators or facilitators is in the very best interest of judicial clarification and defrauded retail investors.

Disrespect of Tel Aviv Court

Massive damage was inflicted on FinTelegram and its operators. Despite a confirmation by the competent court in Tel Aviv that documents must be translated and delivered according to the international legal regulations (Hague Convention), ZP Advocates sends Hebrew written documents to FinTelegram. This is not only disrespect of the court in Tel Aviv but also unlawful intimidation.

ZP Advocates has been systematically defaming FinTelegram and its operators for weeks now. We have also drawn the attention of the competent court in Tel-Aviv to this. But ZP Advocates doesn’t care much about that. Out of desperation, they probably rely on systematic slander.

What about the DDoS?

It is not yet clear whether ZP Advocates was (is) also involved in the DDoS attacks on FinTelegram. We are still working on that. The letter to the Italian company is certainly interesting in this DDoS context.

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