Investor Alert: Moneta International renamed into ‘Bruc Bond UAB’ to reinvent itself and delete traces

Moneta International renamed into Brü + Bond
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Currently, FinTelegram is working with other investigative journalists and lawyers on a comprehensive paper on Lithuanian Moneta International UAB, Payobin and the network of illegal and fraudulent broker schemes used their payment services. Such as Guy Galboiz‘s MigFin or David Cartu‘s GreyMountain Management (GMM). The FinTelegram reports apparently now only caused #DDoS attacks on our websites but also the run of payment service providers.

First, UPC Consulting Ltd of Alain Bazille applied for strike-off at UK Companies House and now we see that Moneta International UAB has been renamed Bruc Bond UAB (dba Brüc + Bond) by Eyal Nachum and Tamir Zoltovski. The domain www.moneta-international.com has already been redirected to www.brucbond.com which has been registered by Moneta International. This makes the company the direct successor of Payobin‘s activities.

Details can this development be found in the forthcoming publication.

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