Attention! Czech payment processor Unicornex Group is no longer authorized!

Unicornex Group is no longer authorized to offer payment services
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Recently, Czech National Bank (CNB) warned the public that Unicornex Group s.r.o., registered with company number 06504698, operating with the domain www.inter-pay.cz is no longer authorized to provide payment services since February 2021. However, the payment processor website still claims that a license is available. CNB points out that the funds entrusted to Unicornex Group are not protected under the Payment System Act.

According to CNB, the Unicornex Group currently holds no authorization to provide payment services or other services on the Czech financial market. Its activities are not subject to Czech National Bank supervision.

Russian Sergei Akilov and Latvian Olegs Bortkuns are registered as shareholders and directors of Unicornex Group. The latter was also the director of Bearlogo Limited, which was dissolved via compulsory strike-off in October 2021. Sergei Akilov and the offshore entity Atlass Marketing Ltd, registered in the Marshall Islands, have been partners in UK-registered Skystead Ventures LLP, dissolved via compulsory strike-off in November 2020

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