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Fund recovery is a sad and brutal business. Sad because it involves people who have lost their money on the Internet to scammers and are desperate. Brutal because the fund recovery people are exposed to threats and slander of scammers and their facilitators. Unfortunately, among the fund recovery providers, there are many greedy lawyers and even more scammers who take away a lot of money from the victims once again. LegalFCA (www.legalfca.com) is one of these scammers that the UK FCA (here) and the Spanish regulator CNMV (here) have warned against.

We know from our research that many fund recovery providers are either former scammers or run directly by scammers. They use the data of the victims they produced in the first place and offer respective fund recovery services. In doing so, they very often demand high down payments and, on top of that, commissions from any repatriated funds.

LEGALFCA claims to be based in London. In addition, the fake names Dieter Huetter and Ralf Tschrepp are given with the company registration number HRB 38136. The information is very confused and unserious. Stay far away!

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