Embarrassing! Much ado about nothing or how 26 arrested Israeli went home again!

FBI law enforcement action in Israel against scammers
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There was a lot of excitement in Israel last week. The U.S. FBI, together with the Israeli police in Tel Aviv, had conducted office and house raids in the environment of a suspected cybercrime organization. And they arrested 26 people. Allegedly, they have been connected to a cryptocurrency investment scheme that caused victims in the U.S. and the rest of the world. Today, Israeli Ynet magazine reports that all 26 arrested have been released. Only two people were brought before the court but also released. Their lawyers are now suing the authorities.

All the suspects in Israel were released unconditionally. Most of them within hours of their detainment. Allegedly, arrests were also made in Ukraine and South Africa in this context. It is not known whether the suspects arrested there were also released.

Ynet legitimately asks whether this release is now embarrassing for Israeli authorities under the scrutiny of U.S. authorities. From a distance, it looks like the arrests were indeed hastily carried out. Apparently, the reasons for the arrests did not prove valid, and the initial suspects had to be released. No wonder the lawyer of one of those arrested now wants to sue the police for the arrest. How firm can the legal ground be to arrest 26 people and release them afterward?

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