Attention: FISEU Is A Fake Regulator!

FISEU certificate for Monecor
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The fake regulator FISEU website claims that Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. would be the owner of the trademark rights and the operator. This is not without some irony, as this U.S. registered company is the private operator of FINRA, the main self-regulatory organization for brokers and exchanges in the U.S. FINRA’s mission is to protect investors by ensuring the U.S. securities industry operates fairly and honestly. FISEU is in no way affiliated with FINRA.

We discovered FISEU because the broker scam Monecor Ltd claims to be regulated by it. The Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) recently issued a warning against Monecor (www.monecorlimitedeu.com).

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If you have any information about FISEU, please let us know through our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

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