Attention – Illegal broker TradeVtech facilitated by BridgerPay and The News Spy fraud campaign

TradeVtech broker scam facilitated by BrdigerPay
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The News Spy fraud campaign (https://investing-offer.net/thenewsspy) is chasing new victims for many different scams today. Most recently, we have discovered CryptoDock (report here). But the TradeVtech (www.tradevtech.com) scam, which is new to us, is also being promoted via the campaign today. UMedia LLC, registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, allegedly operates the scam. Upon registration with The Spy News, we are automatically redirected to the scam’s cashier page, where we once again find BridgerPay as the payment processor.

TradeVtech is currently operating as an illegal broker without the required authorization in Europe. The broker does not have an offshore license either. The website does not show any social media presence. All signs of a scam. We do not know which European entity is registered as the TradeVtech merchant with BridgerPay, but we know that the business is illegal. Bridgerpay is involved as a payment processor.

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If you have any information about TradeVtech or BridgerPay, we would be grateful if you could share it with us. You can either do this through our whistleblower system or post your information in our new Whistle42 payment processor forum in the BridgerPay discussion.

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