Attention! Notorious Payomatix, Ruchi Rathor, And Their Indian Network Event!

Payomatix with Ruchi Rathor and their Indian network event
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Payomatix is a part of the high-risk payment processing empire of the notorious British-Indian Ruchi Rathor and its iPayTotal Group. Payomatix claims to be a PayTech startup revolutionizing the Indian payment industry through an innovative API platform. On LinkedIn, Payomatix is currently promoting its Founder Investor Networking Q3 event to be held in August 2022 in India. Ruchi Rathor will also be a speaker at this event. She certainly has a lot to tell!

On her LinkedIn profile, you can see that Ruchi Rathor is a founder or investor in the most notorious high-risk payment processors at the moment, such as OpenUp a/k/a OpenUp.Finance, or Hawex Group. Besides that, we are also aware of her connections with Paypound and NeoBanq. Some of their companies, like OctaPay or iPayTotal, have vanished with their merchants’ money. Dozens of whistleblowers have informed us about Ruchi Rathor‘s illicit practices over the past months.

She makes employees of various companies work with fake social media profiles, pressures merchants with insider knowledge, and threatens employees if they want to leave the company.

We recommend all merchants stay away from Ruchi Rathor‘s payment processors. The online rating agency PayRate42 has included all her ventures in its “Black Compliance” list.

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