Attention! Stay away from CTL-Markets and FXCT Investments

investor warnings against CTL Markets and FXCT Investments
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The UK FCA issued a warning against the CTL Markets a broker scam, operated by the same boiler rooms as FXCT Investments. We have already issued several warnings against FXCT Investments, including a victims report, exposing the fraudulent methods of the boiler room agents is explained. As payment processors, we have discovered Global DLT Exchange d/b/a CoinDeck. The UK regulator issued a warning against FXCT Investments in Jan 2022, the scam seems to be about to vanish. Stay far away!

Key data

BrandsFXCT Investments
CTL Markets
Domain registrarOrdertld.com (CTL Markets)
NameCheap (FXCT Investments)
Legal entityNoga Commerce EOOD
St. Vincent & The Grenadines
Payment processorsGlobal DLT Exchange s.r.o. d/b/a CoinDeck
Regulatory warningsFSMA, FCA FXCT Investments, FCA CTL-Markets

Don’t make the final payment

Customers of FXCT Investments report that they are being contacted by boiler room agents and informed that they will be shutting down. The authorities would no longer renew the license. Therefore, they would pay out the deposited money and profits. Before that, however, they would still need payment in the thousands of Euros to cover the costs of the account closure. No, they argue, these costs cannot be deducted from the profits! Ridiculous, isn’t it?

Our recommendation to all clients a/k/a victims of FXCT Investments


With probability bordering on certainty, you will not see the money already deposited so far and certainly not the profits. This final deposit would only increase your losses.

What should victims do?

FXCT Investments and CTL Markets customers should insist on the payout. If the responsible boiler room agents refuse, you should inform them that you will file a criminal complaint with the relevant authorities.

In addition, you should provide FinTelegram with information about your case. We will publish your case and will be happy to assist you in filing the criminal complaint. To be able to structure and analyze your case, please provide

  • copy of the payment documents showing the beneficiaries, the bank and/or payment processor
  • copy of agreements with FXTC Investments (if any)
  • copy of important communication (if any)

Please submit your information and documents via our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

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