Stay away! Investor warning against StakingTrades broker scam

investor warning against StakingTrades
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Today, the fraudulent crypto campaign Bitcoin Revolution is advertised in Google via The Wise Investment (https://the-wise-investment.net/). Victims who register there because of the promise of quick wealth via Bitcoin then end up on the payment page of the broker scam StakingTrades (https://stakingtrades.com). The website names STG CONSULT PLC in the UK as the operator. We have not found this company. Victims can lose their money via the licensed Estonian crypto exchange oobit. Stay far away, and protect your money and data.

Key data

Trading nameStakingTrades
Domain registrarNameCheap (link)
Legal entitiesSTG CONSULT PLC, UK (fake)
ST GROUP LTD, Australia (fake)
Attacking languagesEnglish, German
Support data+353-12232697
Payment processorOobit Technologies Pte (Singapore)
Oobit Technologies OÜ (Estonia)
d/b/a oobit https://www.oobit.com

The scam narrative

There is actually no meaningful narrative around the StakingTrades broker scam. It is one of the numerous white-label mutations operated by one of the many cybercrime and boiler room organizations. In our review today, the only payment option we found was the licensed Estonian crypto exchange oobit Technologies OÜ d/b/a oobit (https://www.oobit.com). However, the deposit did not work in our simulation.

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If you have any opinions about our warning, feel free to comment. If you have any information about StakingTrades, please share it with us via our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

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