Attention! Stay away from the SelfKings broker scam

investor warning against SelfKings
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Currently, the broker scam SelfKings (www.selfkings.com) attacks investors in Europe and Russia with its boiler rooms. SelfKings is run by the very same scammers and boiler rooms that run the Cryptansa (www.cryptansa.com) and TrustFina (www.trustfina.com) scams and probably others. Xem Cloud Ltd in the Marshall Islands allegedly operates SelfKings. The offshore entities High Wealth Group Ltd and High Net Group Ltd in the Marshall Islands operate TrustFina. Do not fall for SelfKings and other scams.

We warned about TrustFina and Cryptansa a few weeks ago. These white label mutations operate with various offshore entities, brands, and domains but always have the same purpose – to steal funds from unsuspecting customers. The two scam mutations have been hunting for victims via fraudulent marketing campaigns like YuanPay Group or Bitcoin Circuit. SelfKings is currently operating in English, German and Russian languages. Stay far away from these scams and save yourself from financial losses, frustrations, and the theft of your data.

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