Between SoftSwiss and CoinsPaid: Who is Ivan Montik?

SoftSwiss and CoinsPaid founder Ivan Montik
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In the world of iGaming and crypto payment processing, the Belarussian national Ivan Montik is a figure of intrigue and influence. He is the founder and CEO of SoftSwiss, a leader in crypto-based online casinos and gambling solutions. Moreover, he is also the founder of the Austrian-Estonian crypto payment processor CoinsPaid, that is focused on high-risk industries. Officially, the beneficial owner of CoinsPaid is the Austrian Alexander Horst Riedinger. Who is Ivan Montik?

The Belarussian Entrepreneur

Ivan Montik (LinkedIn), a Belarusian entrepreneur, boasts a track record of establishing innovative tech enterprises. His professional journey began in media and banking, but the founding of SoftSwiss (website) marked his true entry into the global tech arena. SoftSwiss quickly ascended to prominence, known for pioneering the integration of cryptocurrency with online gaming solutions.

SoftSwiss specializes in creating solutions for online casinos and gambling platforms. In particular, SoftSwiss is focused on integrating crypto payment options into the online casino world. The company offers a range of white-label solutions and operates the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator, a comprehensive hub that integrates thousands of games. In Q1 2024, the Game Aggregator handled an impressive volume of over €13 billion in bets each month, marking a 30% increase over the previous six months. Currently, the Game Aggregator is being utilized by 1,052 brands globally.

Beyond his official titles, Montik is rumored to be the puppeteer behind CoinsPaid, a major player in crypto payment processing, primarily for online casinos and gambling platforms, he co-founded. Though he publicly names Alexander Horst Riedinger and Maksym Krupyshev as frontmen for CoinsPaid, Montik’s own declarations on his personal website and professional profiles suggest otherwise.

Together with Riedinger, Motnik also founded A.R. Merkeleon GmbH in Austria, which offers whitelabel solutions for crypto exchanges. Officially, the beneficial owners are Riedinger and Krupyshev.

The Dual Facade of Leadership

Despite the official narrative, Ivan Montik‘s actions and affiliations hint at a dual role. While he shines as a forward-thinking leader in public forums—championing smart regulation in emerging markets like Brazil and integrating sports icons like Rubens Barrichello into his corporate strategy—his behind-the-scenes influence in CoinsPaid paints a different picture.

Montik’s strategic moves in Brazil, emphasizing the need for cultural understanding and tailored business approaches, mirror his alleged operational style at CoinsPaid. Here, too, he seems to maneuver with a deep understanding of the regulatory and cultural landscapes, albeit less transparently.

After SoftSwiss declared LATAM as a strategic market, CoinsPaid followed this path via a legal entity in El Salvador. This choice is no coincidence. El Salvador was the first country in the world to define Bitcoin as a legal tender.

A Complex Web of Influence

The integration of Montik’s enterprises—SoftSwiss and CoinsPaid—under the regulatory umbrella of different countries, coupled with his acknowledged contributions to the development of crypto payment technologies, reveals a complex network of business activities that straddle the line between innovation and opacity.

His role extends beyond the visible to the potentially covert operations of CoinsPaid, which is strategically positioned in the high-stakes online casino sector. This positioning raises questions about the true extent of his influence and the real beneficiaries of his entrepreneurial ventures.

Philanthropy and Public Perception

Montik also engages in philanthropy, which could be seen as an effort to bolster public perception while potentially diverting attention from his more controversial business practices. His contributions to disaster relief and support for medical initiatives speak to a commitment to social causes, yet they also serve to complicate the narrative around his business involvements.

Ivan Montik Key Data

NameIvan Montik
Place of livingGermany
Related venturesSoftSwiss (https://www.softswiss.com)
CoinsPaid (https://coinspaid.com)
Merkeleon (https://www.merkeleon.com)
Related individualsAlexander Horst Riedinger
Maksym Krupyshev
Pavel Kashuba
Hanna Drabysheuskaya
Aliaksei Kuzniatsou
Maria Akulenko

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