Binance Launches A Global Law Enforcement Training Program To Fight Cybercrime!

Binance announced a global law enforcement training program
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In a blog post, Binance, the world’s largest and most likely most embattled crypto exchange, announced the launch of its Global Law Enforcement Training Program, designed to help law enforcement detect cybercrime and assist in prosecuting bad actors who exploit digital assets. Over the past year, the Binance Investigations team has conducted and participated in more than 30 workshops on countering cybercrime, Binance said in the post.

As more regulators, public law enforcement agencies, and private sector stakeholders look closely at crypto, we are seeing an increased demand for training to help educate on and combat crypto crimes,

Tigran Gambaryan, Global Head of Intelligence and Investigations at Binance

Binance’s announcement follows the FBI warning against DeFi platforms and after the U.S. Treasury issued a report laying out a detailed plan to combat the use of crypto for financial crimes, such as money laundering and terrorism financing.


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