Binance Under Fire: Allegations of Ignored Market Manipulation and Internal Crackdowns Raise Serious Compliance Questions

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In an increasingly scrutinized environment, Binance‘s practices continue to raise eyebrows and concerns within the crypto community, as reported in a series of articles by FinTelegram, particularly under the #BinanceWatchdog initiative. The crypto exchange, known for its global reach and substantial trading volumes, has been found engaging in questionable practices ranging from hypocritical to potentially criminal behaviors.

A recent report by the Wall Street Journal highlights another concerning practice within Binance. According to the report, Binance has repeatedly overlooked warnings from its own internal surveillance team about market manipulations conducted by high-profile clients, such as DWF Labs. DWF Labs, led by Russian entrepreneur Andrei Grachev, was reported to be heavily involved in creating “artificial volume” to manipulate token prices, notably the Yield Guild Games token, which plummeted in value shortly after DWF sold a massive number of tokens.

Binance’s internal surveillance team had recommended actions against DWF Labs after identifying wash trades and other manipulative behaviors. However, another internal team at Binance dismissed these recommendations, deciding the suspicious activities might have been accidental. Following the investigation, the head of the surveillance team was fired, and several team members were laid off or resigned, raising serious questions about Binance‘s commitment to curbing market manipulation.

This incident ties into broader concerns previously detailed by FinTelegram regarding Binance‘s compliance with regulatory standards. In past reports, it was revealed that Binance had a relaxed approach to KYC/AML protocols and had engaged with high-risk merchants and illegal online casinos.

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Despite cooperating with U.S. authorities to avoid severe penalties—as seen with former CEO Changpeng Zhao’s relatively light sentencing—Binance’s operational decisions continue to spotlight the complex dance between maintaining market dominance and adhering to legal and ethical standards.

The recent developments also reflect Binance’s ongoing struggles with regulatory compliance across various jurisdictions, compounded by allegations of its platform being used for money laundering and terrorism financing. As Binance faces these multifaceted challenges, the #BinanceWatchdog initiative remains dedicated to monitoring and reporting on the exchange’s practices, ensuring transparency and accountability in the fast-evolving crypto market.

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