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BREAKING NEWS: Illegal Broker Site XTraderFX Vanished

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Over the last couple of weeks, FinTelegram has reported extensively about the illegal broker scheme XTraderFX. The UK watchdog FCA has issued several warnings against XTraderFX as a trading style of GPay Ltd. The illegal broker closed down both its sites and FinTelegram has warned several times already before the Bulgarian broker scheme around E&G Bulgaria and GPay Ltd.

File Your Clai And Report Activities

Illegally operating broker schemes and their boiler rooms are part of fast-growing global cybercrime activities. Millions of investors are defrauded by those broker sites losing billions of euros every year. Hence, it is important to warn investors of such illicit sites. If you are a victim of an illegally operating broker site such as Tradeinvest90, Option888, XMarkets, XTraderFX, GToptions, StoxMarket, Bluetrading, FXTrade777, or KayaFX please file your claim and report activities via our whistleblower system:


  1. Kay Kay February 22, 2019

    They owe me £300 which they took from my bank account after I told them I did not want to proceed with the plan. What can I DO.?

  2. patrick patrick March 12, 2019

    they also owe me 300pounds for same reason as kay. it seems like no one is interested because its a small amount, to help with recovery of this money. i wish they would understand, this is a lot of money to people like us.

    • kiran kiran March 30, 2019

      Hey Patrick, it’s same with me. My bank had already warned me against this suspicious transaction and suggested me to go to local Police, but at that time it seemed like genuine company and a formal process and therefore, I just let it go. Please let me know if there are any ways to get at least part of the amount back.

  3. Phil Reid Phil Reid May 18, 2019

    I’m Phil Reid I got scammed by xtraderfx for £10,300 my whole savings last October I have been told lies and lies in trying to get my money back but it’s so hard as 90% of these
    So called recovery co.panies are scams as well as they want to be paid up front then you don’t here anymore from them so be very careful

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