Cointeck Broker Scam vanished into the dark web

Capital Market Solutions boiler room and related broker scams
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Cointeck (www.cointeck.io) was an illegal and fraudulent FOREX broker platform focused exclusively on cryptocurrencies. This way the perpetrators no longer needed bank accounts for payment processing and could hide even more easily in the dark of the web. However, you could buy Bitcoins via the Crypto-Exchange Bitsale (www.bitsale.com). The crypto exchange is operated by Bitsale Ltd, which is registered in Cyprus.

The Cointeck scam attacked retail investors in Europe via boiler rooms in Sarajevo operated by Capital Market Solutions DOO (read more here on FinTelegram).

Cointeck was run by a widely known individual – the Durch citizen Gaele de Graaf. He used to be the director of CCLR Solutions OÜ until late 2019. This company is registered in Estonia and was granted a license to operate a crypto exchange. This CCLR also operated the scam broker CFDS100.com.

Gaele de Graaf together with his Dutch partner Floris Pieter Bartel Waals is also part of FinTelegram’s “Euro Wealth-Novox” scheme. FinTelegram got in contact with Gaele de Graaf a few weeks ago. He said, that he and Floris Pieter Bartel Waals have been nominee directors and shareholders for other perpetrators. And yes, he agreed, he should have acted more carefully and should have done a Know-Your-Client (KYC) check when entering into these trustee agreements. But no, he argued, he is not a fraudster himself. We reached out again to Gaele de Graaf to receive some more answers about the background of the Cointeck scam and its perpetrators.

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