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We have received a lot of feedback and information on our articles about COINTED and the people involved and are happy to pass it on to our readers. We continuously receive emails from customers and investors who are waiting for their money and do not receive any answers from COINTED. Thanks to the cooperation of cheated investors, new company constructions like the BITBROTHERS in Malta or the QUANTUMBIT in Hong Kong are emerging. The accusations against the network of COINTED people are becoming more and more vehement and point to systematic fraud. The network goes far beyond Christopher RIEDER and Charli AHO.

We know from reliable sources that the people around the former COINTED shareholders and managers Daniil ORLOV, Charli AHO and Eduard ORLOFF are still active in mining. For example, we were able to find out about the new location of the mining servers in Vorarlberg, Austria. Allegedly, all old crypto mining sites (of COINTED) would have been abandoned and consolidated in the new Austrian site.

In addition, work is allegedly being done on new crypto-ATMs. The money of COINTED’s customers and investors is evidently invested in other projects and it will be the task of the administrator of the assets and the prosecution authorities to determine whether this transfer of assets was carried out correctly. We have affidavits from mining-investors, who neither receive current payments nor their servers.

Research of disappointed investors

Evidently, we are not the only one who are eager to learn where the money went as we received interesting information from a for now anonymous group of people who claim to have been systematically deceived by the acting people at COINTED (see picture on the left). So, we would like to thank you guys very much for the documents, which we will carefully examine and publish with comments. The accusations weigh heavily under criminal law.

established be defrauded Cointed investors
The Orloff network established by defrauded Cointed investors

Old acquaintances of Charli AHO and Daniil ORLOV and his father Eduard ORLOFF play a decisive role in this redesign. In the Viennese Globe Development GmbH, which is meanwhile in bankruptcy, some threads run together. Until the publication of our report on the ORLOFF Luxury Group, Roman Sch., a partner engaged in Globe Development GmbH, was also manager of the ORLOFF Luxury Group and its brands ORLOFF Yachting, ORLOFF Caviar and ORLOFF Premium Vodka (brands of the “House of Orloff“). Immediately after the publication of our article, these activities on the corresponding Facebook page and all traces that refer to this activity were deleted by Roman Sch. Interesting, isn’t it? On the other hand, you can still find this reference on his LinkedIn page. The accusation made by these investors is that COINTED funds were systematically diverted to other companies such as BitBrothers Ltd in Malta or companies in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

We also know that besides Eduard ORLOFF and the COINTED shareholders, the Austrians Roman Sch. and Manfred F. were and are deeply involved in the activities of the COINTED shareholders Charli AHO and Daniil ORLOV as well as in the Luxury Group activities of the Russian Eduard ORLOFF. We have witness statements as well as names, addresses, invoices and numerous details of the processing. In the last few days we have carried out extensive research in the environment of the persons involved and collected facts and, after careful examination, will gradually uncover the secret COINTED network.

In view of this approach, a few important questions arise concerning COINTED and the persons involved:

  • Why does someone erase the traces in his profile when everything is done in the right way?
  • What role do Roman Sch. and Manfred F. play in the COINTED case, which, after two house searches and reports, has long been in the hands of the public prosecutor’s office?
  • What happened to the mining servers of Crypto Unity OG and COINTED?
  • Where is the money of COINTED customers and investors?
  • What is the role of Ciel & Co in Copenhagen (Denmark), from which abusive and threatening letters were sent to the employees of FinTelegram?
  • What does the Hong Kong connection behind COINTED look like and who are involved?
  • What’s the deal with the BitBrothers corporate design?

A lot of questionswe will give answers over the next days and weeks. We would like to thank you very much for the many hints and are naturally looking forward to further hints. You are welcome to send them anonymously via our whistleblower system or by email or comment.

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