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Last week we published an article about the confession of COINTED shareholder Charli AHO regarding the OPTIOMENT and COINTED fraud. With this update we may add some more details after further research. These statements by Charli AHO were made in discussions with his co-shareholder in CRYPTO UNITY OG. We have received the relevant confirmations and they correspond to our own researches.

Optioment is one of the largest crypto-scams in Europe with about €100 million investors paid into the scheme. It developed into an international criminal case with Austrian crypto-entrepreneur, Christopher Rieder and his crypto company Cointed involved as suspects. It appears that Cointed’s ATM and exchange services were used to transfer investors funds to Optioment and funneled back for Cointed’s expansion. 

Read here the current summary of the Fintelegram investigations.

Let us be very specific about this – we have not offered an opinion or speculated about something but listed the facts based on documentation and provide our conclusions. COINTED and OPTIOMENT are indeed complex multi-jurisdictional matters and hence we apologize for being too specific sometimes.

In the conversations with his fellow shareholder, Charli AHO claimed that he and his partner Daniil ORLOV have systematically collected evidence against Christopher RIEDER and Wolfgang THALER for their alleged fraudulent behavior around COINTED and OPTIOMENT. They did so over the last 6 months, he said. He, Charli AHO, would not be involved, regards himself as innocent and thus also a victim.

On reproaches of his co-shareholder at CRYPTO UNITY OG that Charli AHO had unlawfully moved this company’s crypto-mining business to COINTED without his consent, AHO now claims that this is not true at all. There would never have been (a) a transfer of the business and (b) no crypto-MINING in COINTED at all. If COINTED had indeed offered crypto-mining, this would have been done by RIEDER alone and he, Charli AHO, and Daniil ORLOV would have had nothing to do with it either.

Cointed White Paper
Cointed White Paper purports the merger with Crypto Unity OG

A bizarre turnaround, isn’t it? Fortunately, the facts speak for themselves and don’t need too much interpretation.

The BRUTKASTEN Research and Transparency Report

Charli AHO COINTEC CTO and Mastermind
Charli AHO – COINTED CTO and Crypto-mining mastermind

Charli AHO is a 25% shareholder of COINTED LTD, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and was responsible for the company’s crypto-mining. According to AHO‘s “updated” argumentation, corresponding public statements and presentations in the COINTED white paper would have been wrong. This is a surprising statement because it not only acknowledges the fact of misinformation of potential investors in the COINTED ICO, but it also contradicts the transparency report on COINTED which was allegedly approved by DELOITTE Austria. This transparency report was published on behalf of all four COINTED shareholders including Charli AHO and Daniil ORLOV.

Moreover, in February 2018 COINTED demonstrated its crypto-mining capacities in Sweden to the Austrian media outlet BRUTKASTEN and its journalist Barbara DURAS. The journalist took a look at COINTED‘s mining facilities in Sweden and Austria and consequently confirmed their existence. Just as the transparency report did in great detail. Additionally, the journalist pointed out that AHO had also confirmed the merger of “its” mining company CRYPTO UNITY OG with COINTED which actually never happened.

Charli AHO claims to have been cheated by Christopher RIEDER

Let summarize: it’s an undisputable fact COINTED was engaged in crypto-mining, Charli AHO was the company’s CTO and among other things responsible for the mining. Now everything is said to have been different.

In short, Mr. AHO now justifies himself that he would have been cheated by Christopher RIEDER and Wolfgang THALER and that he would not have withdrawn the crypto mining activities from CRYPTO UNITY OG. He has recently repeated this bizarre claim several times to his partner in CRYPTO UNITY OG.

Mr. AHO apparently forgot that with the help of his attorneys and the tax advisor, he propagated the dissolution of CRYPTO UNITY OG because he and Daniel ORLOV illegally transferred the crypto-mining business to COINTED. Consequently, AHO has also taken the website of CRYPTO UNITY OG (www.cryptounity.at) offline. The correspondence including confirmation from the auditor is available to FinTelegram of course. The same applies to the criminal complaint filed by the CRYPTO UNITY investor against Charli AHO and Daniil ORLOV a few months ago.

BLOCKBASE confirms cooperation with COINTED and AHO

We have had the managing director of BLOCKBASE Mining confirm in writing that Charli AHO was his contact for crypto-mining at COINTED. For several months the COINTED mining servers were installed at BLOCKBASE in Sweden. However, the partnership ended in October 2017. In this respect, Charli AHO‘s assertion that there had been no crypto-mining in COINTED or that he had not been involved in it is evidently untruthful. Like so much about what Mr. AHO said.

No Documents but Criminal Complaints

However, the investor and partner of Charli AHO in CRYPTO UNITY OG is still waiting for proper accounting, contracts, business documents and the return of the crypto-mining business. According to his partner, AHO acts as if the company belongs to him only. Neither has he received a copy of contracts with crypto-mining investors nor has he been instructed on the details of the operation. It is still not clear in which companies Charli AHO actually led the many crypto-mining investors. Into CRYPTO UNITY OG or the COINTED and its Swiss, Swedish or Asian subsidiaries or into all?

One thing seems certain: Mr. AHO has a strange understanding of reality and responsibility towards investors and clients. We have police reports showing that Mr. AHO had already made false statements before the police and produced false affidavits in another criminal case. These files too, are available to FinTelegram.

All Telegrams in the Cointed / Optioment Investigation

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