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COINTED Update: Criminal Complaint About Organized Money Laundering

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In 2016, a huge money-laundering scandal around the Deutsche Bank came up. Over the years, USD 10 billion of Russian investors were laundered via complex offshore constructions using Deutsche Bank accounts. Finally, the German bank giant was fined with USD 630 million by the financial market regulators in the US and UK for non-compliance with money laundering regulations (AML).

Deutsche Bank’s Money Laundering Scandal

Money laundering is not a new phenomenon. Especially since the collapse of the former Soviet Union and the opening up of Eastern Europe, money laundering activities between the USA and Europe on the one hand and Russia and Eastern Europe on the other have become increasingly important. The era of cryptocurrencies has only opened up a new dimension in money laundering. Apparently, SWISS CRYPTO NET AG set up by Charli AHO, Daniil ORLOV, and Eduard ORLOFF has been playing a significant role in this crypto-related money carousel.

Financial Crime expert Graham BARROW
Financial Crime expert Graham BARROW

In a comprehensive article in the New Yorker published in summer 2016, the Deutsche Bank money laundering scheme was explained in great detail. Subsequently, many other experts, such as financial crime expert Graham BARROW, took a closer look at this matter. BARROW discovered that the Scottish company ErgoInvest LLP, among others, was involved in the Russian money laundering scheme via Deutsche Bank. This company was dissolved in the course of the scandal. Instead, ErgoInvest LP was established. Partners of this new Ergolnvest LP are, according to Companies House, the two Marshall Islands-based DEXBERG INC and MONTBRIDGE INC. According to various reports in English and Scottish media, these two companies are involved in hundreds of companies in the UK.

Money laundering expert Graham BARROW (LinkedIn Profile) concludes in his report that the beneficial owners of DEXBERG and MONTBRIDGE are most likely involved in Deutsche Bank’s money laundering scandal. BARROW also mentions that of the many companies in the UK that he investigated in the course of his research, none had a website. These are also first indications for fictitious companies, according to BARROW.


A criminal complaint against Charli AHO, Daniil ORLOV, and Eduard ORLOFF the owner and beneficial owners of SWISS CRYPTO NET AG (formerly SWISS CRYPTO GROUP AG) was filed on suspicion of money laundering. FinTelegram has been given the opportunity to take a look at the complaint.

According to the documents brought to our attention, SWISS CRYPTO NET AG has received substantial payments from VMC PRODUCTS LP among others. VMC PRODUCTS is controlled by the Russian Viacheslav IVANOV, 47, according to the UK Companies House. The company does not have its own website and information about business activities is not known. VMC PRODUCTS has all the characteristics of a dummy company.

VMC Products certificate of incorporation (Source: Companies House)
VMC Products certificate of incorporation (Source: Companies House)

The two offshore companies DEXBERG INC and MONTBRIDGE INC based in the Marshall Islands are registered as partners/beneficial owners of the company. These are the companies that are also suspected of being behind the Russian money laundering activities.

Money Laundering Complaint With The Swiss FedPol

The criminal complaint with the Swiss FedPol accuses SWISS CRYPTO NET AG as well as the persons acting there – Charli AHO, Daniil ORLOV, Eduard ORLOFF but also the trustee Daniel ZIMMERMANN – of money laundering and investor fraud. Allegedly, crypto-mining servers were bought from the investors’ funds. But actually the hardware never was delivered to the investors.

The report also claimed that those responsible at SWISS CRYPTO NET AG had falsified documents in order to conceal the origin of the funds. These false documents would have been presented to the Swiss banks.

The “Switzerland-Austria-Russia” Axis

Eduard ORLOFF - the Russian connector
Eduard ORLOFF – COINTED’s Russian connector

The fact is that Eduard ORLOFF, a Russian by birth, has the best connections to Russian investors. His brother Roman ORLOFF works for banks in Switzerland and is managing funds of wealthy Russians. This information has been confirmed to us by third parties. Roman ORLOFF, for example, has best relations to the Russian “shadow banker” Ilya KLIGMAN and his clientele.

The Russian "Shadow Banker" Ilya KLIGMAN
The Russian “Shadow Banker” Ilya KLIGMAN

Ilya KLIGMAN is a scandalous banker against whom criminal investigations are underway in Russia and the USA. He is said to have a close relationship with the Russian secret service FSB. Moreover, he is sort of a kingpin of money laundering and allegedly cheated Russian banks. He has lived abroad for years, including in Berlin. He tries to keep his name out of the public eye and carefully cleanse it. In this regard, he has obtained a court ruling against Google and Yandex to have his name removed from search results. Ilya KLIGMAN set up the joint companies SWISS CRYPTO ALLIANCE AG and CRYPTO ALLIANCE GMBH with Charli AHO, Daniil ORLOV, and his fathers Eduard ORLOFF in Switzerland and Austria. They acted as trustees for Ilya KLIGMAN.

We also have third-party confirmations regarding the investments of Russian citizens in the crypto-mining activities of Charlie AHO, Daniil ORLOV, and their respective companies. Some of these Russian investors have confirmed payments to SWISS CRYPTO GROUP AG.

A look at the other activities of those affected shows that Russian connections are still strong today. Russian shareholders and investors are already represented in GLOBE DEVELOPMENT GmbH around Roman SCHMATZER as well as now in BITBROTHERS GmbH.

Whistleblower – Information requested

We will continue to follow this trail in the interest of the bounced investors of COINTED and SWISS CRYPTO NET AG. If you have any information about COINTED or SWISS CRYPTO NET AG (SWISS CRYPTO GROUP AG), please let us know via our whistleblower system:

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