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Dear PandaTS! Dear PandaTS Clients!

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The CEO of FinTelegram personally received a threat of legal action yesterday in a strange way. A notice before taking legal actions was sent from an unknown and unverified WhatsApp number. When asking back about the credentials of the sender the number remained quiet. A strange approach, isn’t it?

The notice purports that the FinTelegram article about PandaTS would spread lies and wrongful accusations and thus harm PandaTS and its clients. No specific information about allegedly wrong statements was provided. For good reasons I assume. Furthermore, the notice urged our CEO to ensure that the article is being taken offline within 24 hours.

Notice of legal actions

On behalf of the FinTelegram team, I can reaffirm that as a matter of fact most of the Forex & Crypto Broker scams are operated with the PandaTS white-label solution. At this point, I would like to mention XTraderFX, SafeMarkets, Golden Markets, StoxMarket or older scams like PorterFinance or OmegaOptions. Just to name a few of the many. The corresponding documents and confirmations are available to FinTelegram of course. Hence, this is not a FinTelegram opinion but an undisputable and publicly known fact.

Most of these Forex broker scams have received numerous public investor warnings from various financial market supervisory authorities. Furthermore, we are aware of appropriate lawsuits, criminal charges and official actions against some of these PandaTS customers. PandaTS even lists some of these scams on its website for reference. We would refer you to ScamBroker to count the numerous PandaTS-powered scams that have been called out by this site.

We can therefore only repeat our statement that PandaTS powers a global scam broker scene either willfully and knowingly or negligently. Should PandaTS take legal action against the CEO of FinTelegram, the relevant evidence will be presented. It’s beyond any reasonable doubt that PandaTS financially benefits from the success of broker scams.

Moreover, any public discussion about the approach of PandaTS would most likely be beneficial for a forex industry damaged by the many scams. That said, we can reassure you all that FinTelegram will continue with our reporting in the very best interest of investor protection and better ethics in the forex broker industry.

Of course, we are open to any critics and willing to correct or specify any wrong or possibly misleading information. Broker scams and retail investor rip-offs have to be stopped and PandaTS should act accordingly.

Best regards

Tamir Cohen


  1. mariosbeste mariosbeste May 9, 2019

    As part of the community of the victims I feel the need to express my gratitude for all the detailed and very substantial work you are doing against those who brought so much financial damage and grief to us. May your efforts be crowned by success and your fight against our perpetrators find justice.

    • Redakteur Redakteur Post author | May 12, 2019

      Thank you very much for your kind words!

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