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I consider you to be a partly-gifted demagogue who knows how to play the social media channels. One must also admire the incredible chutzpah with which you lie to and manipulate investors and members of the EnvionFounders telegram channel. Although you as a member of the ICO team of ENVION AG are legally obliged to report openly and honestly about the actual earings, wealth and cashflow-position, you evidently reported a lot of false things on Telegram and Medium. This has misled investors and I honestly believe you are one of the main performers of the ENVION drama, along with Michael LUCKOW and Matthias WOESTMANN. It is the responsibility of the courts to clarify the circumstances and possibly pronounce appropriate punishments. I am aware that the Berlin public prosecutor’s office and others are already investigating. Lying to investors and/or failure to disclose the true facts in the course of securities offerings are regarded as securities fraud in most of the developed economies.

On your Telegram channel you claim now things regarding FinTelegram and their EFRI project which fulfill the criminal facts of the defamation.

Martin Laurent defamation

In addition, you claim via your pseudonym “James” and/or via a forwarded posting in your Telegram channel that FinTelegram’s editor Tamir COHEN (me) is wanted by the FBI and therefore one should refrain from doing business with FinTelegram and/or EFRI.

That’s funny, isn’t it? Apart from the fact that this is a nonsense, this procedure also fulfills the facts of defamation. We know that you know that the wanted Tamir COHEN does not work with FinTelegram.

If you think so, it would make you a moron, doesn’t it? You may be an opera singer, a liar or a cheater, but you certainly are not a moron but a perpetrator.

In the past, you’ve already urged your Telegram “Meme Warrior” to take actions against allegedly hostile media outlets such as the German Handelsblatt, remember? No? read our article here. You also use a similar procedure with other people who decided against  following your lies and manipulations. It is completely incomprehensible to us how Michael Luckow and the respected law firm like DWF can allow such a thing to happen.

 From my point of view, your conduct for sure is criminally relevant and likely to frighten the people concerned or damage their reputation. Beyond that, however, it is primarily ridiculous and transparent. At the end of the day, you will pay the price. Many of ENVION’s 30,000 cheated ICO investors (and we) will see to that.

Best regards

Tamir Cohen

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