FCA-Regulated Pixxles Appointed Salma Kamaly As Director!

FCA-regulated Pixxles appoints Salma Kamaly as director
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The FCA-regulated high-risk payment processor Pixxles is allegedly the successor to the US-based T1 Payments group. The former T1 Payments manager and partner of its founder Donald Kasdon, Amber Fairchild, established the company in October 2018 and is its beneficial owner. Pixxles appointed Salma Kamaly as an additional director a few days ago, PayCom42 reported. Kamaly is purportedly a compliance expert who also serves as the sole director of JS Compliance Consultants Limited (JSCC).

Key Data

Trading name Pixxles
Legal entityPixxles Ltd (UK)
Pixxles LLC (US)
T1 Global Services LLC
JurisdictionUnited Kingdom
RegulatorUK FCA with reference no 927960
Related individualsAmber Fairchild, US
Scott Dawson, UK (LinkedIn)
Salma Kamaly, UK
Related brands T1 Payments
Related individualsDonald Kasdon (US)
Debra Karin King aka Debra Karen Kasdon (US)
PayCom42 profilePixxles on PayCom42

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Short Narrative

JSCC operates a rather strange website with the domain www.jslc.co.uk which certainly does not comply with the applicable compliance rules – there is no imprint and no information about the operators. Pixxles has attracted attention in the last two years, mainly due to ongoing increases in its share capital. As of March 29, 2022, its share capital increased to over GBP 2.8 million. Pixxles‘ 2020 balance sheet shows an impressive loss of more than GBP 940,000. What the figures for 2021 look like is not yet known, but apparently, money is burned on an ongoing basis.

We did not find any detailed information on Salma Kamaly during our research, which is strange. One would assume that a director of an FCA-regulated e-Money Institution should provide some guidance. Therefore, we are unable to provide any further details.

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If you have any information about Pixxles, T1 Payments, or the individuals and partners involved, please let us know through our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

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