FinTelegram And Its Mission In 2019

Spread financial intelligence

FinTelegram is a Financial Intelligence Service with the mission to protect and educate investors. In this respect, the uncovering of fraudulent investment schemes is our top priority. In view of the ban on binary options and CFDs and the collapse of the ICO hype, 2019 will be marked by the clarification of the associated fraudulent schemes. We, therefore, launched the European Funds Recovery Initiative (EFRI) in a joint effort with lawyers, auditors and investigating authorities multiple jurisdictions in December 2018. EFRI’s aim is to recover money from the operators for fraudulent investors.

In particular, our FinTelegram mission for 2019 will set the following priorities:

  • Research & Education: Education and Report on Illegal Online Trading Systems;
  • Court Reports: Introduction of a court case reporting system with a network of FinTelegram reporters;
  • EFRI Initiative: Supporting and growing the EFRI Initiative through research and reporting
  • Whistleblower Award Program: Introduction of a Whistleblower Award Program to incentivize whistleblowers to report fraudulent activities to FinTelegram.
  • Whitelist Investments: Introduction of a whitelist for verified and harmless providers of online investment and trading opportunities.
    We would like to thank all our readers and partners for their trust and support in the past year 2017. In view of the problems in the online trading and crypto sector, we expect a great deal of educational work in 2019 ahead of us.

Share Your Ideas And Feedback

If you have any ideas and feedback regarding FinTelegram mission and activities we would be more than happy to receive them. Please share them with us and the community using our whistleblower report system.

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