Let’s find a brand – FinTelegram ‘Whistleblower Branding Poll’

Spread financial intelligence

In 11 days, FinTelegram and EFRI will launch the FinTelegram whistleblower initiative as the next step in its investor protection and funds recovery mission.

Crowdsourced and rewardbased financial intelligence

We plan to reward our whistleblowers when their tips lead to the uncovering of scams and fraud schemes and/or fund recovery. We call this crowdsourced and reward-based financial intelligence. FinTelegram and its whistleblower community can be an effective team in the fight against scammers, fraudsters, and perpetrators.

We want our readers to let us know which branding seems best suited to make our whistleblower initiative a success and equip our whistleblowers with brands and awareness.

Sponsors are interested

Some sponsors have already expressed their interest and want to endow the reward pot. Details of the Whistleblower Initiative will be published shortly.

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