FTX Bankruptcy Case: U.S. IRS Filed A $44 Billion Tax Claim!

Billion-dollar IRS claims against FTX
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The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has lodged approximately $44 billion claims against the bankrupt crypto exchange FTX. Bankruptcy filings reveal that the IRS has submitted 45 claims against various FTX entities. The largest claim amounts to $20.4 billion, followed by a $7.9 billion claim against Alameda Research LLC. Additionally, two claims totaling $9.5 billion have been filed against Alameda Research Holdings Inc.

IRS has imposed 45 claims against various FTX companies, such as West Realm Shires Services Inc, Ledger Holdings Inc, Blockfolio, North Wireless Dimension Inc, Alameda Research LLC, and others.

Bankruptcy documents detailing the $20.4 billion claim against Alameda Research LLC reveal the IRS is claiming about $20 billion in partnership taxes. The remaining claim amount includes millions in withheld income taxes and payroll taxes.

A tax bill associated with Alameda Research has been circulating the internet. It shows that the IRS is claiming priority over creditors in the FTX bankruptcy case.

Several significant developments have occurred in the ongoing FTX bankruptcy case. Notably, the legal representatives of FTX co-founder and former CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried, have requested the judge to dismiss the criminal charges, asserting that the matter is better suited for a civil resolution. Furthermore, Bankman-Fried’s legal team has accused FTX‘s attorneys from Sullivan & Cromwell of assuming a prosecutorial role in the case.


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