Gal Barak, The Wolf Of Sofia And The Bulgarian Corruption

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As in the Hollywood blockbuster with Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead role of Wolf of Wallstreet, Gal Barak bribes and cheats politicians, officials, and business partners to increase his fortune and escape punishment. In the end, the original did not succeed and Gal Barak will not succeed either. After his last appearance before the court and the TV in Sofia, we want to give a short update. Soon FinTelegram will bring an extensive dossier on Gal Barak and his scheme. Due to latest development Bulgaria, FinTelegram does a short update.

Political Friends Under Pressure

The Bulgarian politician Tzvetan Tzvetanov is a close friend to the Wolf of Sofia, the Israeli Gal Barak (see pictures above). And like Gal Barak Tzvetanov is in legal troubles. Just recently, the Bulgarian Prosecutor-General’s Office has launched an investigation into a real estate deal by Tzvetan Tzvetanov, the deputy chairman of the ruling GERB party. Allegedly, Tzvetanov obtained a new luxury apartment in Sofia in June 2018 from a private construction firm in a cash-and-property-swap deal, at prices well below the market. The apartment is a penthouse of 315 square meters with a private elevator, in a prestigious Sofia building.

OCCRP reports on the Bulgarian corruption around Gal Barak and his political friends.
OOCRP reports on Bulgarian corruption

The investigative website Bivol reports that Bulgarian Justice Minister Tsetska Tsacheva, GERB parliamentary deputy Vezhdi Rashidov, and Deputy Sports Minister Vanya Koleva have obtained apartments from the same company, also at prices well below the market. Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Energy Krasimir Parnov became the third top official to resign in this context, the OCCRP website reported today. The investigations of the Organized Crime and Corruption Report Project (OCCRP) are still under progress, more intel can be expected soon.

It is not known yet to FinTelegram whether or not this is connected to one of the Bulgarian real-estate companies of Gal Barak who claims to be a real-estate investor.

God And The Bulgarian Prime Minister

FinTelegram already reported a few months ago that the Israeli Gal Barak seeks protection with his Rabbi in Sofia and generously supports him with donations. Gal Barak is well aware of the illegality of his business and therefore seeks the protection of politics, corrupt officials and the Israelite community in Bulgaria in exchange for tons of cash which is withdrawn by his fiancee Marina Andreeva.

Gall Barak with Rabbi Yosef Salamon and the Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov
Gal Barak with his Rabbi Yosef Salamon and the Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov

The featured image with the Wolf of Sofia (left) in company of the Rabbi of Sofia, Yosef SALAMON, and the Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko BORISOV was published on Rabby SALAMON’s Facebook page on March 30, 2018.

Playing Tennis With
Mladen Marinov

People close to the Wolf of Sofia report that he established a sort of financial relationship with Bulgarian top politicians. He is said to be good friend of the Mladen Marinov, the Bulgarian Minister of Interior, with whom he likes to play tennis.

Bulgarian minister of interior plays tennis with his friend Gal Barak
Mladen Marinov plays tennis with Gal Barak

The Bulgarian Lawyer

Gal Barak hired the Bulgarian lawyer Todor Badkov to take care of his legal issues with the European Arrest Warrant (EAW). Badkov is a well-known figure in the Bulgarian political establishment. He is regarded as a messenger of money for his clients and thus provides them with appropriate benefits and preferences. In the court hearing dealing with the extradition of Gal Barak to Austria, both provided short interviews to the Bulgarian TV.

Evidently, people in Bulgaria didn’t believe any single word they said in their respective TV statements. See the comments of the Bulgarians to Gal and Badkov interviews.: https://m.dir.bg/dnes/comments/gal-barak-v-sada-ne-sam-valka-ot-sofiya

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