Game Over – Bring Them Down! Europol Asks For Whistleblower Information To Fight Cybercrime!

Europol and the Game Over campaign
Spread financial intelligence

Under the title Game Over, Europol asks whistleblowers on Twitter for tips on the most wanted fugitives in Europe to “bring them down.” Europeol explains that criminal networks are made up of different players carrying out different illegal activities. These networks pervade society and the economy, with key operatives at every level who spread their tentacles into businesses and even state institutions. Law enforcement agencies all over Europe have created a list of the most dangerous criminals for the latest EU Most Wanted list.

By identifying the fugitives from this list, the whole network could collapse like a house of cards. ENFAST, a network of police officers available 24/7 who can immediately undertake action to locate and arrest fugitives, and Europol ask for thee help of EU citizens to make Europe safer by reporting fugitives.

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