German BaFin Warns Against Crypto Fraud Campaign Bitcoin Champion

Bitcoin Champion fraud campaign chasing for victims
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The German BaFin warns against the websites bitcoin-champion.app and bitcoin-champion.com, which run the fraudulent Bitcoin Champion campaign. BaFin says that Bitcoin Champion is offering financial services, which is incorrect. Like many other fraudulent crypto campaigns, Bitcoin Champion chases future victims for broker scams. Anyone who registers there is immediately redirected to the scams’ payment pages. Stay far away and preserve your financial health.

In our review on January 26, 2023, the VipCoin (VipCoin.ch) broker scam was promoted via Bitcoin Champion. People who register on Bitcoin Champion with their personal data are immediately redirected to the payment page of the VipCoin scam. In addition, they receive a call from a Boiler Room agent within a few minutes. The sole purpose of fraudulent campaigns like Bitcoin Champion is to trap victims in broker scams and steal the victims’ data.


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