Urgent Investment Warning Against Waterman Capital Investment Scheme!

Investor warning against Waterman Capital
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We have received information from a client of the Waterman Capital investment scheme. This client has transferred money to the scheme through East Breton Solutions Ltd, registered in Mauritius. Despite several attempts, the customer subsequently failed to withdraw money. The payout is refused to him for various reasons. According to the customer, Waterman Capital is run by British people who act very professionally. The scheme does not have a license for financial services; it seems to be related to Wisecroft and Ford Beckett. Stay away.

Key Data

Trading nameWaterman Capital
Waterman Capital Partners
ActivityBrokerage, Wealth Management
Legal entityEast Breton Solutions Ltd
JurisdictionMauritius, Barbados, Vietnam
Contact data+(1) 2466239860
+(84) 244 458 2176
Related individualsPatrick Paulson (fake)
Tom Carter (fake)
James Hunter (fake)
others (fake)
Related schemesFord Beckett

Short Narrative

We have already discovered East Breton Solutions Ltd in Mauritius as a payment facilitator in the illegal Wisecroft and Ford Beckett investment schemes that robbed many investors of millions. The websites of these three investment schemes look very similar, and the range of services is also almost identical.

Read our warning against Wisecroft and Ford Becket here.

Reportedly, Waterman Capital has offices in Barbados and Vietnam. The website does not provide specific details about the legal entities behind the scheme. We have not found the individuals listed on the website. It could well be that these are merely fake persons.

The fact that the scheme does not have a license despite the extensive financial services offered makes one suspicious. The lack of information about the legal entities and the lack of information about the allegedly acting (fake) persons are all red flags. Stay far away, and protect your money and financial health.

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  1. gs says:

    I fell victim to Waterman Capital Partners in 2022; I can confirm this is a rather professionally organised crime scheme. In my case, however, I was able to get back all my money via communication with banks in EU, i was able to supply enough evidence that the operation was fraudulent. In any case, stay away!

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