Gery Shalon Not Just Losing Associates, His Family Is a Target Due to His Criminal Activities

Gery Shalon with Shota Shalelashvili and David Bar-El
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In our recent article exposing the criminal practices of Gery Shalon and his syndicate, we revealed how the cybercriminal lost his European branch and put his associates and contacts at risk. However, the indicted mastermind behind the JPMorgan Chase hack didn’t leave his family out of his crimes either. His family members have continued to occupy key positions in his syndicate and have, by association with him, faced criminal prosecution and charges.

Gery Shalon’s Family of Crime:

The Georgian Member of Parliament

Starting from the father, Shota Shalon ( aka Shota Shalelashvili), who is a member of the Georgian parliament, he has served jail time in Israel on charges of corruption and smuggling and is believed to be involved in laundering money for his son, Gery Shalon, to move his illegal proceedings from activities like hacking, identity and personal data theft, fraud, and extortion.

Then we have Gery Shalon, who has been a cybercrime mastermind, and the person behind the infamous JPMorgan Chase hack. An Israeli-citizen, Gery Shalon is believed to have made millions of dollars via his various criminal enterprises and was extradited from Israel to the United States in 2016. He is currently believed to be in the custody of unconfirmed government agencies and is cooperating with them by snitching on his former associates and other members from the Russian and European cybercrime circles.

David Bar-El is a lawyer and Gery Shalon’s brother in law, who is currently running an unlicensed brokerage, which was blacklisted in the UK, and has several complaints from users, such as:

“I tried to give the benefit of the doubt. Since they once lied to me, it happened again. Very strange things happen on this platform. Tradings were closed without my permission. I send emails to support and they do not respond. My supposed broker Ryan Mackenzie everything he told me to do went wrong and just lost everything. I do not believe it anymore. They are all a fraud, are not regulated and only know how to apologize for the inconvenience but do not answer the questions I asked about who closed my trades without permission and where did my money go?

And nothing… No answer BAD PEOPLE”

“These are scammers! They do not give me back from November 1, 2018, $ 5,000. They have already blocked the account themselves! Support does not respond to emails at all. I do not know what to do with them. They stole the savings of a Polish pensioner!”

More importantly, Gery Shalon, who hacked JPMorgan Chase to gain access to their user database, is also believed to have provided this data to David Bar-El so he could solicit potential victims in order to scam them with his platform.

David Bar-El’s own law site, http://lawbarel.com/, shows him to be the only partner at the firm, and he claims to be specializing in various areas of law, including “fraud”.

Meanwhile, Gery Shalon’s other brothers in law, Shai Tsvania and Nissan Israeli are known to threaten and extort people on his behalf, similar to what Gery had two Polish hackers do. Piotr Smirnow and Patryk Surmacki were arrested in the UK after they threated an online Casino at Gery Shalon’s orders.

It appears Gery has not only put his employees and associates at risk, most of whom are in jail but also his family members, by making them partners in his criminal enterprises.

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