GlobalNetInt CEO launched new financial services venture Findiban

Findiban and the GlobalNetInt with Egle Kulikauskiene
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Liudvikas Kulikauskas, founder, CEO, and shareholder of GlobalNetInt UAB (GNI), an e-Money Institution (EMI) regulated by the Bank of Lithuania with authorization code LB000434, has founded a payment processor Ifind MB d/b/a Findiban (www.findiban.com), together with his wife, Egle Kulikauskiene. The company is apparently positioned as a high-risk payment processor, offering businesses a range of financial services, including SEPA IBAN account, white-label FinTech services, or credit card processing.

According to the companies register, Ifind, MB (LinkedIn) was established in the summer of 2020 and operates as a non-licensed financial services provider that brokers merchant accounts or financial institution accounts. Findiban describes itself as friendly to “high-risk payment industries” and therefore accepts Forex, Gambling, or Porn. Findiban also supports the creation of white-label EMIs or PSPs. Interesting, isn’t it?

Egle Kulikauskiene (LinkedIn) is the wife of Liudvikas “Liudas” Kulikauskas (LinkedIn) and currently serves as Head of HR at Lithuanian EMI Paysera which is also licensed. It seems that the family has a strong position in the Lithuanian FinTech scene. Whether these activities can be reconciled with the compliance rules of the Bank of Lithuania we do not yet know. We also do not know whether GNI and Paysera support Findiban‘s activities.

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