He Did It Again! Short Seller Fraser Perring Was Right With German Adler Group!

Fraser Perring was right about German Adler Group
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The short-seller Fraser Perring was instrumental in the collapse of Wirecard. He uncovered many inconsistencies in the infamous Zatarra Report. He also alleged fraud and manipulation at the German real estate group Adler Group. Now the German real estate group faces an insolvency scenario and has to restructure. The share price has already fallen by over 90% this year. Once again, Fraser Perring was on the right track.

Adler is fighting a severe liquidity crisis triggered by rising energy and building prices caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic.

The German real estate group is on trial in London. It asked a London court on Monday to approve a restructuring plan to prevent the German property firm’s imminent collapse into insolvency However, a group of investment funds wants to prevent the planned restructuring of the real estate group, which is in debt of around six billion euros.

The Adler Group is clutching at the last straw. It proposes extending the repayment period of some bonds due next year, making a new loan to the company possible, and temporarily suspending interest payments.

Holders of the Adler bonds, including several funds and DWS Group, an asset manager of Deutsche Bank, question the plan. They expect to give up much of their money in the restructuring. Adler‘s lawyers have stated that restructuring is the only alternative. Otherwise, insolvency proceedings would have to be initiated, with all lenders suffering losses.

The trial in London marks the preliminary culmination of numerous inglorious events. British short-seller Fraser Perring made serious allegations against the real estate company in October 2021: “Adler Group is a hotbed of fraud, deception and financial misrepresentation aimed at concealing its true financial position, which is grim,” reads the report, which was published under the provocative title “Bond Villains.”

Fraser Perring is no stranger. He was instrumental in uncovering the Wirecard scandal and warned the German financial regulator, which, instead of investigating the information, initiated proceedings against Perring. Since the short-seller published his report, Adler‘s share price has plummeted. Over the last, the share price has fallen by more than 93 percent.

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