Request 4 Information – Igor Wollner and Hansjoerg Wagner and a Slovakian money-laundering scheme

Karsten Arend of BitRush Corp
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The two friends, the Slovakian entrepreneur Igor Wollner together with his sons Chris Wollner and Sven Wollner, and the Austrian Hansjoerg Wagner are the investors and/or officers of the Canadian BitRush Corp. This company, in turn, is connected with charges of suspected money-laundering and has already been suspended from the Canadian stock exchange CSE in 2016. Its CEO Karsten Arend, a Canadian citizen, has not yet provided any information on how the listed company will continue after more than two years of doing nothing.

Funds of the BitRush Corp are said to have disappeared in companies related to the Wollner family in Slovakia, among others, according to the documents available to FinTelegram. In fact, Chris and Sven Wollner were managing directors in the group of companies of BitRush Corp and arranged the transfer of money (see UK Companies House). Wollner was considered a close friend of the former Slovakian political establishment and, according to the information available to us, was also involved in their money management. He and his family used to live in Switzerland for several years and established banking relations for their Slovakian friends and partners.

The founders of BitRush Corp along with their advisors filed money-laundering complaints against the Wollners and Wagner with the respective authorities which ultimately to the arrest of the German Uwe Lenhoff. While the BitRush founders around Werner Boehm refused to make business with Lenhoff, Wollner and Wagner insisted on such a business relationship. Hence, Wollner and Wagner forced Boehm out of the company with expensive lawyers and lawsuits.

Recently there has been a change in the political establishment in Slovakia with numerous arrests of politicians, judges, and members of the countries judicial system. Wagner has been connected to the meanwhile arrested alleged German scammer Uwe Lenhoff. The Wollners, on the other hand, are closely connected with solar energy schemes financed with EU subsidies.

We would like to know more about the activities of Igor Wollner and Hansjoerg Wagner and their respective networks. If you have the information you can share it anonymously through our whistleblower system.

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