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FinTelegram has received several DDOS attacks over the past months which we have directly linked to Gery SHALON and his cybercrime network. We filed a respective criminal report to the U.S. authorities together with the documents. In this respect, we consider ourselves victims of Gery SHALON and his cybercrime company. Nevertheless, we strive for objectivity in our reporting.

The Cybercrime Case Site

Gery Shalon
Gery Shalon

We just launched our first dedicated cybercrime case site on the U.S. indictment against the Israeli Gery SHALON: “The Gery Shalon Cybercrime Case“. Please be advised that it’s still a site in progress and will be updated contiuosly.

The charges against Gery SHALON and his co-conspirators in continuouslyide cybercrime company have been indicted already in November 2015. Over the past three years, the U.S. authorities have continued to investigate, arrest and indict additional co-conspirators such as Russian hacker Andrei TYURIN. According to reports, Gery SHALON works closely with the U.S. authorities and discloses information about his accomplices. With this, he expects a lower penalty in the context of a so-called plea deal. And he needs to do that actually. The maximum prison term for the 23 counts of the U.S. indictment is more than 200 years.

Gery Shalon indictment
Gery Shalon and his co-conspirators are charged with the above-listeed offenses, which carry the maximum prison terms listed

We expect the case to be tried in court soon. In view of the international dimension of this case from Israel to Russia and Bulgaria to the United States, we believe it would be more appropriate to set up a separate side for this.

The task of the “Criminal Case Site” is to inform the public about one of the largest cybercrime cases in the world. We consider it useful to present all information and reports on a complex case like that of Gery SHALON on a separate page. Otherwise, we would constantly overload the main page with information.

Grateful for feedback

We are always grateful for feedback or information about the case and/or the new page. We think that after the collapse of the binary options and the crypto industry, many similar cases will occur and that the creation of a separate site for injured investors could prove to be useful. In this respect, the Gery SHALON site is a first test run. We appreciate any information you would like to share with us:

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