Introducing Our “Verified Sponsor Post” Program [beta]

Spread financial intelligence

FinTelegram has been successfully reporting on good as well as on and bad projects in the financial sector for 10 months now. Our mission is to educate and protect investors through our reports. In this respect, many of our reports are dedicated to the dark side of finance. However, we are well aware that there are many great projects and investment opportunities that are worth presenting to investors.

Make It Your Reference

With our “Verified Sponsor Post” Program we want to give ambitious and serious projects on FinTelegram a platform to present themselves in a distinctive way. Within our program, companies and agencies can submit their requests for posts via our form below. All published posts and their sponsors will be verified and supported by the FinTelegram team.

The price for verified sponsored articles is

  • USD 250 for a 12-hour placement and
  • USD 350 for a 24-hour placement (maximum duration).

The sponsored posts will be placed on the front page of FinTelegram. Moreover, they will be shared through the social media channels of FinTelegram. Through the FinTelegram website and our social media, we have an immediate reach of currently around 20,000 qualified readers and friends (as of January 2019). FinTelegram readers typically are investors, lawyers, and tax consultants from many jurisdictions.

Verification Of Sponsors

We reserve the right to refuse requests or contributions without giving reasons if they are not in accordance with our editorial guidelines or our ethical understanding. In the interest of our readers, we verify the submitting (issuing/promoting) sponsors and their respective projects with regard to their seriousness. Let’s call it a sort of KYC. Each sponsored posting is accompanied by a commentary by FinTelegram. This should guide our readers and support our sponsors.

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