Investor Attention – Richfielder broker scam still active with fraud campaigns

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A few weeks ago, we issued a first warning against the Richfielder scam, which works with fake articles about a student millionaire. With this method, anyone would be able to earn €10,510 in 21 days. One article attacking German-speaking victims was published on Ikonitex (https://ikonitex.com/latestnews/finmag/). The link in the article redirects to the notorious Bitcoin System scam campaign. It is running today on DailySafeInvestment (https://dailysafeinvestment.com/bitcoin-system). Anyone who registers there is automatically turned into a victim of the Richfielder scam and is immediately taken to its deposit page.

Richfielder broker scam works with the student millionaire fraud campaign

Deposits of soon-to-be victims of the Richfielder scam (www.richfielder.com) are only possible if you contact customer support beforehand. Apparently, the operators want to prevent FinTelegram from exposing the scam’s payment processors and thus forcing them to block the accounts. In fact, Richfielder is a very poorly made white-label scam from one of the many scam factories. However, we have unfortunately received complaints from victims across different countries and language regions.

This fake article with the student getting rich is used in various languages and mutations to attract victims. Here is a UK version of the student millionaire article promoting CryptoEngine (screenshot left). In fact, you end up with scams like Richfielder.

Please don’t fall for it, and don’t fall for the many fraudulent marketing campaigns. You will save yourself money and the theft of your data.

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