Investor warning against Global Trader broker scam facilitated by PayPound and Dream Finance

Investor Warning Global Trader
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Disclaimer: We published a report on Global Trader Scam on November 12, 2021, and in it, we found, among others, Estonian Dream Finance OÜ as a scam-facilitating payment processor. In a statement to FinTelegram, Dream Finance would like to clarify that it does not support scams. In the case of Global Trader, Dream Finance was found to have been abused by UK-registered Charge Money Ltd, according to the company. We thank Dream Finance for the detailed statement. Read the update here.

TODAY, the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issued a warning against the Global Trader (www.globaltrader.io) broker scam. The scam’s website claims that its offices are in Canary Wharf in London. Of course, this is not true. Information about the operating legal entity or the responsible jurisdiction is searched in vain. Payment processors we have are PayPound (www.paypound.ltd) for credit and debit card payments and Dream Finance OÜ d/b/a Cryptoprocessing (www.cryptoprocessing.com) for deposit via cryptocurrencies.

Estonia-based Dream Finance OÜ d/b/a Cryptoprocessing and CoinsPaid (www.coinspaid.com) is a licensed crypto payment processor. The registered directors of Dream Finance are Maksym Krupyshev and Frederic Georges Hubin.

Paypound (www.paypound.ltd) is allegedly operated by Paypound Ltd and its subsidiary Paypound LDA. At least, that’s what the Privacy Policy says (as of November 12, 2021). The strange thing here is that the UK-registered Paypount Ltd is controlled by the Indian citizen Amaranatha “Amar” Puttana, born Aug 1979, was already dissolved in 2019 via compulsory strike-off. The Indian IT entrepreneur Puttana used to be the director of Quidpay Limited, another company dissolved via compulsory strike-off in 2019.

Read our report on the high-risk payment processor PayPound here.

  1. Clark says:

    If you’re a scam victim (especially a recent one), never trust anyone who tells you that they or someone they know can “recover [your] assets” – if anyone tells you this, they are lying and will try to scam you. The only entities that you have a real chance of getting help from in the aftermath of a scam are freddictne at consultant dot com, your credit/debit card issuer, PayPal support, and support from similar services (if you used them to give money to the scammer(s)), law enforcement (especially if you personally know the scammer – otherwise, they’ll likely give advice on how to avoid other scams), or your local and federal anti-fraud/scam agencies.

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