Italien CONSOB Bans Sell of Avalon Life’s Green Earth Certificates

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Founded by German MLM veterans Thomas GRAF and Tom KOLLER, the Crypto-MLM Schema has reinvented itself several times since its inception in 2016. Initially, it acted as a marketer of its own AVLX Coins. In 2017, the scheme switched to DASH mining with geothermal energy. Shortly afterward, the company said goodbye to DASH mining and opted for its own Pura Vida Coin. In the meantime, the company has said goodbye to this too and is focusing on protecting the rainforest with so-called “Green Earth Certificates”. Today, the Italian Financial Market Authority has warned against these certificates and banned their distribution.

Green Earth A Good Cause Fake?

Good Cause organizations with the goal of advancing humanity and/or our planet are welcome. The charity has its place in our society. A prerequisite for such projects, however, is complete transparency for members and society. This means published audited balance sheets and reports. Without that, an allegedly good cause thing does not work. Unfortunately, AVALON LIFE has never published any such balance sheets and reports in the almost 3 years of its existence. Neither the members nor the public have any idea how much money was received from how many investors and how it was invested. Without transparency, there is no good cause for investors’ money. How do high returns and good case projects translate? AVALON LIFE should explain and document this. How do high returns for investors and good cause projects turn out? AVALON LIFE should explain and prove this.

Thomas Graf and Avalon Life sponsor Real Betis
Thomas Graf and Avalon Life sponsor Real Betis

AVALON LIFE must have raised enough money from the allegedly more than 168,000 members. Otherwise, they couldn’t afford to sponsor the Spanish football club Real Betis. After all, Real Betis plays in the highest Spanish league alongside clubs such as Real Madrid, FC Barcelona or Atletico Madrid. With more than 168,000 members, AVALON LIFE would also be the largest crypto-MLM scheme. For example, the NEXUS GLOBAL, operated by the German MLM artists Christian MICHEL SCHEIBENER and Michael THOMALE, allegedly has around 70,000 members.

Recently AVALON LIFE has reinforced its “Good Cause” activities. The scheme is currently placing its respective MLM products in the service of the protection of the rainforest such as the Green Earth project. The Italian CONSOB was probably not very enthusiastic about this and just prohibited the distribution of the rainforest certificate. FinTelegram has been closely following the development of AVALON LIFE for several months and has also held discussions with those responsible. We had the plans and intentions explained to us and were quite inclined to trust the good intentions. The fact that apparently unregistered “financial products” continue to be sold to naive investors shatters our confidence in the long term.

With projects such as Green Earth or Pureland, AVALON LIFE wants to protect the rainforest using the blockchain and cryptographic certificates. Again no transparencey, to audited resources, no nothing.

Warning Against Avalon Life

In view of the information we have about AVALON LIFE and the CONSOB warning, we issue a warning against Avalon Life and its various products. The very attractive motto of the protection of the rainforest, especially in times of climate change, may only be used by AVALON LIFE to acquire further members and their money.

Recently we have heard about various activities of AVALON LIFE people towards diversification. We are currently investigating this and may ask our readers for information about our Whistleblower System.

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