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The discussion around Julian HOSP and LYONESS still seem to be gaining momentum. FinTelegram still receives a lot of whistleblower news. Recently, we have received a number of videos with which Julian HOSP instructs his members how to acquire new members and present LYONESS to potential candidates. Acquiring new members is like digging for gold. The more meetings you make, the more likely you are to acquire members and earn commissions. Whoever acquires many members can then – like Julian HOSP – afford first class flights, expensive cars, and large houses.



Whoever takes the effort to watch the many videos of Julian HOSP will notice that he is a real fairground juggler in the very best meaning of the word. He sells his stuff with the best entertainment. The videos themselves don’t excel with high-quality craftsmanship. HOSP addresses the lowest levels of human needs – community, security, income, prosperity.

Julian Hosp first class on plane with Lyoness
Julian HOSP – first class with LYONESS

HOSP uses his academic degree specifically to impress the little people of the street. This is also the primary target group of MLM schemes like LYONESS. Well educated and rational thinking people are unlikely to be impressed by these blatant marketing schemes.

Julian HOSP also explains in this video why LYONESS is not a Ponzi or pyramid scheme. And he defends and promotes MLM systems in general. It is also very clear from the video that HOSP understands the LYONESS scheme perfectly. Certainly, there are no misunderstandings on his side about the very essence of MLM schemes.

The Julian Hosp Brand

Julian Hosp brand
Julian Hosp Brand

He has already used the now well-known “JULIAN HOSP LOGO” for the acquisition of LYONESS members from 2011 on. Up until today, HOSP uses the logo to promote various crypto products. The TenX token was actually just one of the products he sold. In addition, there is a line of crypto products under the new #CRYPTOFIT brand:

LYONESS, on the other hand, was completely deleted from his curriculum vitae. TenX is actually already yesterday’s snow again to him, so it seems. He moved on to new ventures.

Low-Income And Migrants As LYONESS Target Groups

We met some of the high-ranking LYONESS team leaders and therefore know that they target low-income segments when acquiring new members. LYONESS people are not afraid to address migrants who are looking for income opportunities in a foreign environment. In doing so, their sense of community and family of the migrants is deliberately targeted. As HOSP explains in his videos, family and friends are the most suitable victims in the acquisition.

It must be noted that this “hard-selling” network marketing has also settled around many crypto schemes. There it is called affiliate and referral system and works through, friends in the social media. The processing of payments using cryptocurrencies makes the implementation of MLM systems in the crypto scene much easier. There is also no danger that funds will be blocked by banks or authorities.


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