Maltese FIAU Executive Rudolf Muscat Quietly Sells His Business!

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Malta’s FIAU employee Rudolf Muscat has been in the financial services industry for two decades. He worked at several Maltese-based firms and is now enjoying a tax-funded job at the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU). His previous jobs were at RTFX and TMS Brokers Europe. Both firms surrendered their Malta licenses and closed their Malta operations. While working for Malta’s FIAU, Rudolf Muscat had a side business. He registered and operated a firm named Tradertik Limited.

FIAU executive Rudolf Muscat
Rudolf Muscat

As a director and judicial representative of Tradertik Limired, he used his home address as the company’s registered address. The address is 45, Ponsietta, Triq Gharghur, Naxxar, Malta.

Rudolf Muscat was accompanied by two directors, namely Emman Xuereb, with whom he worked at RTFX, and Jonathan Mifsud. Both Xuereb and Muscat sold their shares and resigned from their directorship post on the same day. The transaction took place without any announcement to the media in October 2021. The shares were sold to Davidlynn Seisun. Seisun was mentioned in Malta’s parliament when it was revealed that he was enjoying a hefty monthly retainer from the Maltese Transport Ministry as a so-called “consultant.”

Rudolf Muscat worked as a client advisor at Calamatta Cuschieri Investments Services Limited, which has lately hit the headlines for the wrong reasons. Calamatta Cuschieri has carried out suspicious transactions with convicted criminals, and the FIAU did not issue any fines or reprimands. Despite being a former Calamatta Cuschieri, Rudolf Muscat is bound to take the necessary action.

Rudolf Muscat, together with his FIAU colleagues, does not declare his conflicts of interests to subject persons or to the general public. The value of the sale was not declared. It transpires that Muscat failed to act on serious cases such as One Two Trade and Bitconvert.

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