Marketing Alert! BITCOIN FAST PROFIT fraud campaign promotes LPLFinances scam

investor warning LPLFinances crypto broker scam
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This morning, probably tens of thousands of German-speaking consumers received an email reporting that the famous German singer Lena has discovered a secret recipe for getting rich. Auto trading for Bitcoins. Of course! This fake news report is published on the website https://imortalizegrids.com. The links in this fake article lead us to the BITCOIN FAST PROFIT fraud campaign on the website https://updez.com. Anyone who registers there today is automatically created as a victim at the LPLFinances (www.lplfinances.eu) crypto broker scam and taken to its payment page.

LPLFinances is one of many white-label scams in a vast network that also includes ProfitMarket (www.profitmarket.net). We reported about these scams a few weeks ago (read the report here). LPLFinances is allegedly operated by HALEBORE LTD in London, United Kingdom, attacking German and English-speaking consumers. Bulgarian Kiril Angelov Genov, born in August 1969, is registered as the sole director of HALEBORE LTD.

Facilitating Payment Processors

As facilitating payment processors, we found Neobanq, iPasspay, Internet Cashbank, and PayPound. We introduced the latter just recently in our report here. It seems that PayPound is operated by the people behind the collapsed high-risk payment processor iPayTotal.

Do not fall for fraudulent campaigns like BITCOIN FAST PROFIT and those advertised by scams. You will save yourself financial losses, frustration, and the theft and misuse of your data.

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