Merchant Alert: Notorious Indian Payment Veteran Launched Pay Agency!

Ruchi Rathor founded Pay Agency
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Reportedly, Indian payment entrepreneurs Ruchi Rathor, her son-in-law Yuvraj Singh and their family are allegedly residing in Dubai. There they enjoy the money they earn through the merchants of their numerous high-risk payment processors. Every week we receive complaints and warnings against various schemes like PayPound, Payomatix, or OpenUp. With Pay Agency, Rathor has launched the next project to address the high-risk payment segment. We recommend merchants and the highest caution.

Key Data

Trading namePay Agency
ActivityMerchant & PSP Services Provider
Social mediaLinkedIn, Twitter
Legal entitynot disclosed
Related individualsRuchi Rathor (LinkedIn)
Yuvraj Singh (LinkedIn)
Shrishty Mishra (LinkedIn)
Sharome Nirmalakumar (LinkedIn)
Dinesh JS (LinkedIn)
PayRate42 ratingBlack Compliance (profile)
Related payment schemesCryptoMatix, BitMatix,
Kryptova, PayStudio, iPayTotal

Short Narrative

Indian payment veteran Ruchi Rathor founded Pay Agency
Ruchi Rathor

The Pay Agency addresses merchants and PSPs with two plans with $2,000 and $5,000 annual fees, respectively. In exchange, one is supposed to get access to the Pay Agency’s information. Merchants get access to the list of PSPs, and PSPs get access to the list of merchants.

Ruchi Rathor is notorious for her schemes using fake LinkedIn and social media accounts. Therefore, on LinkedIn, 26 employees are also linked to the Pay Agency.

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If you have any information about Pay Agency, Ruchi Rathor, and their team, please share it through our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

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