Munich Trial Day #1 – Jacki Fitelzon plead guilty; agreed to a 78+ months prison time but …!

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On day #1 of the Munich Trial, the 44-year old Israeli Jacki Fitelzon offered a guilty plea including a full and comprehensive confession in exchange for a moderate sentence. Prosecutor and the defense attorney agreed on sentencing between 78 to 84 months prison time. The final decision is up to the judge. In addition, the defense attorney offered that all the claims of the victims represented by EFRI would be recognized as part of the plea deal. The prosecutor started with his questions before the trial was adjourned to next Friday.

Lieutenant of a cybercrime organization

Jacki Fitelzon was a lieutenant of the cybercrime organization E&G Bulgaria of Gal Barak, the Wolf of Sofia,” who was sentenced to four years in prison in Vienna in September 2020. The Central Office Cybercrime Bavaria (ZKB), represented in the trial by its head Nino Goldbeck, accused Fitelzon of defrauding 335 German victims of approximately €8.7 million.

According to the indictment, Fitelzon was the boss over all the boiler rooms of this cybercrime organization. Therefore, the prosecution charged him under §129 and §129b and §263 of the German Criminal Code. This means that he was a ringleader of this criminal organization responsible for its systematic and intentional fraud activities including money laundering.

Sorry, but I hear vioces!

The defendant tried to give the appearance of being mentally confused. He told of his huge consumption of alcohol and drugs at the time of his work for Gal Barak and E&G Bulgaria. He would have been afraid because he and his family were threatened. The management of E&G Bulgaria would have been constantly traveling with bodyguards. Therefore, he would have taken the threats seriously. Although he would have become clean in prison he would still hear voices in his head. Therefore, Jacki Fitelzon would like to spend the prison time or part of it in a rehab center in Israel.

The Tzorya Question

The prosecutor Nino Goldbeck wanted to know how he came to E&G Bulgaria and if Ilan Tzorya was the one, who acquired him. As we know from the criminal files, Gal Barak claims that Tzorya acquired Fitelzon for E&G Bulgaria and would have been the “real boss” of this cybercrime organization.

Yes, said Jacki, he knew Tzorya, but only from the Israeli army. They had served in the same unit. But he would not have come to E&G Bulgaria through Tzorya, but through Barak, he told the prosecutor. In the first questions of the prosecutor, it turned out that his “full confession” could not be true in the sense of the indictment. He was not responsible for SafeMarkets as the indictment established. FinTelegram knows that the guy in charge of the SafeMarkets scam was Jacki’s Israeli compatriot Chen Ganon, another drug addict, who confirmed his responsibility to FinTelegram.


After the first questions, the judge adjourned the trial to Friday. Nino Goldbeck will not let Jacki Fitelzon get away with a joke deal like Austrians did with Gal Barak and his wife, it seems. But then, who knows! Let’s wait for Friday now. That’s when a psychiatrist will report on Jacki Fitelzon‘s mental condition.

Stay tuned!

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