Disgraced Payvision Founder Rudolf Booker Sells His Yacht!

Payvision founder Rudolf Booker is selling his superyacht Kiss
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Autoevolution reports that Payvision founder Rudolf Booker is selling his $32-million superyacht, Kiss. What makes Kiss special is that its stunning looks and luxurious amenities can easily compete with those of superyachts that are twice its size. According to Boat International, the owner had many specific requests that were no easy task from a technological point of view. One of them was the hull’s unique metallic black color.

The Cybercrime History

Founded by Rudolf Booker in Amsterdam some 20 years ago, Payvision was acquired by ING in 2018 at a valuation of €360 million. Payvision was a high-risk payment processor that primarily served ethically unacceptable industries such as porn or gambling. Moreover, the payment processor has been facilitating cybercrime organizations and laundered money for their scams.

The European Fund Recovery Initiative (EFRI) represents thousands of victims of broker scams. Many of them have lost their money to scammers via Payvision. EFRI alleges that Payvision management under then CEO Rudolf Booker knowingly and willingly cooperated with cybercrime masterminds such as Uwe Lenhoff and Gal Barak.

Selling the Luxury Toy

Rudolf Booker was well-known for his lavish lifestyle, his luxury cars, and his yacht Kiss. Other unique features of Kiss are the complete master penthouse on the upper deck, which is unusual for a vessel this size, and the custom sliding doors on both sides of the main deck, creating a seamless outdoor/indoor connection (pictures left).

Large enough to accommodate up to 12 guests, Kiss also has a four-person jacuzzi, a lavish main salon, and high-end interiors with hand-picked marbles and custom furniture.

Kiss won’t probably stay on the market too long, despite its steep price of $32 million (€31.5 million), autoevolution says.

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