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We have already discovered the high-risk payment processor Itez (www.itez.com) in several scams as a facilitator. For example, FXOptex, Optimus Markets, and Spintop Capital have integrated Itez as a payment processor. Itez is operated by DataBridge OÜ, which is licensed in Estonia by the relevant FIU. Maria Neverdinova-Rostovtseva is installed there as Nominee Director (Monkey). Currently, we do not know the beneficial owners of DataBridge. We would like to know more about the payment processor.

High-risk payment processor Itez of DataBridge

Without grossly negligent or intentional payment processors involved in scams, most scams would not even exist. Especially not in the area of investment scams or broker scams. The payment processors can be used – with their voluntary or court-enforced support – to trace the money to scammers and cybercriminals and expose them in the very best interest of these criminals’ victims. Therefore, FinTelegram puts the detection and execution of bad payment processors at the top of our priority list.

Together with partners, we have launched the Payment Compliance & Security (PayComSec) platform to expose and eliminate bad payment actors.

If you have information about Itez, DataBridge, and related companies and individuals, or if you are a victim of a scam involving Itez, we would appreciate it if you could share this information with us.


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